Java bits  

When Java was being invented, I thought it was going to need ridiculous horsepower to run it. I think I was right. Machines that mortals can afford (PCs!) took many years to become powerful enough to run useful Java programs sensibly without using up the entire processing power of the machine and running dog slow.

I wrote my first bits of Java on a 486/66 machine. That's 66Mhz. They crawled. I got fed up and haven't done terribly much since, but Java's still a handy tool to have in the box so I brush up occasionally and write something. Here's a selection of the simple applets I've done. These are all rather old!

[Spinner] Can I do 3D stuff in Java? No. So this isn't 3D. It's a fake, but it amused me at the time (1996).
[Inferno] A test of bitmap manipulation using some graphics from the RISC OS game "Inferno" that I wrote.
[Paradise] Another bitmap test, using the Paradise games logo. This one's interactive - move the mouse around over the logo.
[Chopper] First cut at doing something like a game in Java. Graphics nicked from the should-have-been RISC OS game "Chopper Attack". Didn't get very far because, at the time (1999) my PC still wasn't fast enough to make it run nicely. Java just doesn't seem happy chucking so many graphics around.
[Fireworks] Shoved together at Guy Fawkes night for the Paradise website in 1998. Simple fireworks.