What is it?

What would we do without the superb PuTTY ssh/telnet app? Not sure. It's great. So what's this page doing here? There were a few things that just niggled me about PuTTY, and I produced patches for these a long time ago, but Simon wasn't keen on integrating them in to the mainline PuTTY release, for whatever reasons (probably good ones). Whatever, I kept getting asked for copies of my patched PuTTY, and randomly kept maintaining it, so I thought I should probably put it up here for everyone to get hold of if they want it.

Please don't mail Simon about this version - he's aware of what I did and apparently has "plans" for including some of the changes in future PuTTY's.

The Tweaks

First and foremost important to me is the URL launching. CTRL-click on a URL in the terminal window and it'll launch in your default browser. URLs are recognised by beginning with http:// , https:// , ftp:// , or just www.

Secondly, you'll notice the main dialog is somewhat larger. I have a decent sized screen and it really annoys me when application developers decide to force me to only use a tiiny part of it, and have to try and hit tiny thumbscrolls on list boxes or worse. Microsoft themselves, even in Vista, are big culprits. Because of the way PuTTY is designed, I couldn't see an easy way to make the dialog properly resizable, but this build has much more space for the list controls which I find really beneficial.

I've also made the icon use green for the screen colour rather than blue. This is PuTTYij, not PuTTY.


0.61bij1 << Latest (for Pageant 0.61)

0.59ij2 (for Pageant 0.59)


You probably won't want this, but here's the source including my tweaks.

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