Joypad interface for RISC OS machines  

The joypad interface allows you to use standard digital and analogue joypads with your RISC OS computer - providing a superior game-playing experience. The interface connects to the parallel port of your computer, and provides a socket for your joypads. The software gives you full control of the pad and interface and is compatible with almost all RISC OS games software.

Standard system digital and analogue pads as shown here, are supported. A great many pads are available that conform to this same standard - the best ones are SONY branded "Playstation", "PSone" and "PlayStation2" pads.

The interface software provides the standard "Joystick_Read" SWI, with both 8bit digital and 16bit analogue standards (as introduced with RISC OS 3.6). Full documentation is provided for this - allowing you to read the state of both analogue sticks independently with full accuracy if required. The front-end test software (shown below) allows you to check the operation of the hardware and software from the desktop.    

    The interface and software was first released at Wakefield 2000 - since then I've added a flexible key and mouse emulation module, along with easy to use front end desktop software shown below. This allows you to use the joypad on games which previously only had mouse or keyboard input ability, and even allows you to use the desktop from the joypad!

Whilst the interface does actually work on all RISC OS machines, from A310 to RiscStation and RiscPC, there are some known timing problems on these machines - some machines work perfectly, whereas others are slightly less reliable. All Paradise's titles work with the interface on all machines, but some 3rd party software does not perform so well on anything other than a Risc PC. I've not had any reports as to whether it works on an Omega/RiscStation/Mico etc. It won't work on an Iyonix as the module's only 26bit and the Iyonix doesn't have a parallel port anyway (Someone should write a driver for the USB joypad interfaces available now!)

Hardware interface details

It's pretty trivial really. A standard PSX joypad extension lead, lop the plug-end off and replace it with a DB25 printer port connector. Add a few diodes in to ensure you don't blow up your machine and you're done. Pretty simple really.

Download schematic as : PNG or Drawfile

Software downloads

Joypad driver and test software
JoyKeys keyboard and mouse emulation software - works with any "Acorn" Joystick module.
Dual joypad driver and test software
Dual joypad key emulation software - works with any "Acorn" Joystick module.
Fake Joystick driver module - uses the cursor keys to emulate input from a joystick (kinda the inverse of JoyKeys!)
Silly test software for when I've got a steeringwheel connected rather than the joypad

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