RISC OS software  

I've been writing RISC OS software since 1987. Huge heaps of Freeware was written and is best forgotten. Lots of commercial programs were written and have fallen by the wayside too. RISC OS is basically dead, however some stuff is still useful and I occasionally maintain bits for amusement. Here's a random selection of bits I've made...

[VFSetup] ViewFinder Patches - software to edit ViewFinder mode definitions and help ViewFinder integrate more fully with the RISC OS mode system.
[VirtAmp] Mp3s with speed when using VirtualAcorn/VirtualRPC/RedSquirrel. This little thing lets you play MP3s on the host system with WinAmp, but control it from the emulated RISC OS environment. Saves lots of emulated Mhz!
[Joypad] Joypad software. Allows use of SONY "Playstation" and "Playstation 2" joypads from RISC OS. Originally published by Paradise.
[Joypad] Burn 'Out buggy racing game. Originally published by Oregan Developments
[WebGif2] WebGif2. Simple RISC OS Sprite to GIF converter. Has the advantage of displaying the sprite in a window and allowing you to simply click on the colour you wish to use as the mask colour.
[WebGif3] WebGif3. Wholly unfinished and somewhat buggy update to WebGif. Can just about create animated GIFs. Has a much better GUI than WebGif2. Unless you really need animation, I recommend that you use PNGs for your website rather than GIFs.
[Dirpatch] Latest incarnation of my silly module to spruce up your filer.
[CineWorks manual] Scanned manual for CineWorks. The software itself is now available for free download from Henrik's website.
[Sprite2png] Rudimentary RISC OS sprite to PNG converter. Was used for the (now defunct) AcornSearch filebase. Vaugely portable. Only (simple, C) source is provided.
[DummyJoy] Dummy Joystick module for use with Simtec/STD USB joystick.
[SpeedCtrl] SpeedCtrl - A VSync-masking utility to let you slow the virtual refresh rate (thus speed) of games.
[ResROM] Simple utility to make modules that provide ResourceFS files.