VFSetup is an addition to RISC OS 4's configuration utility (a plugin) which allows easier setting of features of the ViewFinder graphics card.

VFSetup provides facilities for setting up the Configured options on the ViewFinder card, such as DMA speed, hardware acceleration and VIDC blanking, along with an editor for the mode definitions used by the ViewFinder Display utility on the iconbar.

From version 1.04 onwards, VFSetup is bundled with ViewFinderPatches from Justin Fletcher. This patch does away with the unnecessary ViewFinder Display icon and integrates ViewFinder fully in to the RISC OS mode system. Modes can be selected via the normal display manager and other apps that enumerate screen modes (eg FlipTop/Doom) will work as expected now.

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1.05   21/05/03   Updated for more recent ViewFinder firmware features.
Added scrollwheel support.
1.04   23/05/02   Fix a bug with the DMA slider.
Added support for VFScreenModes updating on mode file changes.
1.02   21/01/02   Add "Dual Output" switch and display card info
(Requires ViewFinder firmware 1.41 at least)
0.99   04/11/01   First released version

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