VirtualAmp is a controller for WinAmp. It's only useful when RISC OS is running under emulation with VirtualAcorn / VirtualRPC / RedSquirrel. The point of all this is that playing mp3s with AMPlayer or somesuch wastes a lot of emulated Mhz - with VirtualAmp, you can play mp3s with almost no speed impact on the emulated machine!

VirtualAmp uses the Niall Douglas' CallWin32 plugin for RedSquirrel, which you must download and install before VirtualAmp can be run.

Installation of VirtualAmp itself is easy - unzip the download somewhere you like.

To use, you must first start WinAmp in Windows, and, usefully, create a decent playlist (easily done by just dragging a folder full of mp3s to the WinAmp window!). Then run !VirtAmp and click on its bar icon. The controls should all be self explanatory - they're deliberately copied from the standard RISC OS CDPlayer application.

VirtualAmp has been tested on RedSquirrel only, but should be just fine on other variants of the emulator, such as VirtualA5000 and VirtualRPC-SE.

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0.11   09/05/04   First public release.

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